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our performances.


This year we have a tonne of performance opportunities for your child to shine in:

Term 1: 

  • Halloween Party: Have your child join our in house Halloween party for a spooky good time and be the entertainment. This is a great performance to kick off our year with as its going to clear out the cobwebs in a super supportive environment ahead of our big ones to follow 

  • DISNEYLAND PARADE: This is one of our premier performances and is only open to those students taking a Move Monkeys Multi-Dance class either in studio or in their school. This is an incredible performance as we got to Disney, mimic the job of a professional performer, get gorgeous costumes, photoshoots, videos and collaborate with kids from all over HK 

  • Winter Showcase: We take our students out into the world at the end of the term for them to show everyone what they have been working on all term. This is a great opportunity for all of our students from 2 to 12yrs as we put on a show for people we don't know and have to figure out how to adapt to the stage! 

what's on


Oct 29

Join us for our first ever Halloween Party in our brand new Sheung Wan studio. 

On October 28th we will have an afternoon of fun organised for all of our Movers with entertainment provided by YOU!

Perform for our community and bring the spooky vibes this October. 

Halloween Costume
Moves for Life Disney Parade 2021-58.JPG

Disney Parade
Nov 26

Feel like a true star for a day!​

The Disney Parade is an extremely popular and coveted performance each year and for good reason.

On November 26th after 8-10 weeks of hard work, rehearsals , photo shoots and costume fittings we take to the happiest stage on Earth and get to experience life as a professional performer.

Come backstage with us at Disney and make your little performers dreams come true!

Winter Show
Dec tbc

The end of the term is the perfect time to put on an awesome SHOW! 

Join us on one of the busiest outdoor stages in Hong Kong to put on a fabulous performance with all of our Move For Life students!

Curated choreography, beautiful costumes and incredible memories. 

Kids Dance Classes in Hong kong.gpeg
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