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Get ready for a              adventure like no other!

Step into the enchanting world of Disney with Move For Life's exclusive Disney Showcase! This extraordinary performance is the culmination of weeks of hard work, rehearsals, and unforgettable experiences. Your child will transform into a confident and skilled performer as they take center stage at Disneyland.

Imagine the joy on their face as they wear stunning costumes, walk the red carpet, and showcase their talent in front of a live audience. Our Disney Showcase is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your child to experience the magic of Disney like never before.

Don't miss the chance to be a part of this incredible journey. Join us backstage at Disneyland and witness your child's dreams come true in the most magical way possible!

*In order to qualify you must be enrolled in one of our Term 1 Move Monkeys Multi-Dance classes - If you are not enrolled ENROL HERE!

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What's Included?
  • One Full-Day Ticket for Performer

  • Performance with Specially Designed Costume

  • Professional Studio Portrait Photography

  • Professional Photography at Performance

  • Performance Video

  • Two x Rehearsal Sessions

  • Costume Fitting

LOCATION: Hong Kong Disneyland

DATE: February 3rd 2024

TIME: approximately 1:30 - 3:30pm

*Disney requests us to purchase a special performance ticket for the parade, so yearly passes, magic access and/or main entrance passes cannot be used for the students to participate in the parade.


Enrolment Requirements



We will have 2 rehearsals leading up to the performance to iron out all the nerves and go through all the fun stuff like costumes and shoes and accessories!!! 

Rehearsal Date 1: January 21st 2024

Rehearsal Date 2: January 28th 2024

Time 1-4pm

Rehearsals are mandatory: If your child is absent from rehearsals without prior notice we will not allow you to dance in the parade. Unexplained absences are unfair to other performers.


*Move For Life reserves the right to remove performers from the performance for failure to attend rehearsals. 




The best way to contact us is via email and that is the way we will deliver all Disney notices. 

WHATSAPP: +852 55 778 047

Whatsapp is the second best way to contact us however whatsapp messages and calls will only be answered between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday. Please bear that in mind when you use this method of contact. 



Definitely the most exciting part of performance!

Our costumes are always epic and this year is no exception! All performers will have a fitting day in class - if your child misses the fitting we will have a weekend available at our office in Sheung Wan where you can come to be fitted.

Once we distribute the costumes they are the performers responsibility - Lost or damaged costumes cannot be replaced, failure to wear all costume components may result in removal from the performance.

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