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Enroll in 2 dance classes for a 20% discount or choose 3 classes for an even bigger 30% off!

Your Questions Answered

Dance Classes

Trials? Do you do Trials? Do you do free trials?

Yes, we do trials, we do single trials or 3 session trials (except for school ECA’s) - Trials cost the same as a single class. Prices are : 

  • Little Movers and Move Monkeys $250

  • Move Monkeys Specialist classes $275

  • Partner schools like 

    • Guidepost midday classes $320

    • ESF Explore class $220

Do you do classes for 1-year-olds?

We have Blueberries accompanied classes for up to 2.5-year-olds who still need guardians in the room.

Do you do performances for Little Movers / Move Monkeys?

Yes we offer many chances to perform at both in studio and on stage during the year, please see our performance options here:

Does my child need to be enrolled in classes to do the performance?

Yes, your child needs to be enrolled in term classes to learn the choreography and develop techniques so they can be confident and clear for the show.

What does my child need to wear to class?

We have both Little Movers and Move Monkeys Uniforms for classes - please chat with one of our staff about this.

Where are you located?

Our main studio is Sheung Wan, but we have classes all over Hong Kong, like Causeway Bay, Aberdeen, Tai Po, TKO, Sai Kung, and Clearwater Bay; we work with many kindergartens and primary schools, so check in with your school as well. See locations here:

My child is almost 2 can they join a mangoes class?

The age groups are recommendations based on what these age groups need. Mangoes Classes are unaccompanied as well, so if your child isn’t 2 yet, there is a good chance they may not be okay with an unaccompanied class. We would recommend doing the Blueberries class first.

What is the age of Little Movers?

Little Movers are 2- 5 year olds. 

  • Up to 2.5 years are Blueberries

  • 2-3 years old are Mangoes

  • 4-5 year olds are Strawberries

What is the age of Move Monkeys?

  • Move Monkeys are 6-10 years old

  • Movey Monkey specialist classes are for any child over 6 but they are skill-based

Do you do make up classes?

We allow 2 make up classes per term (execept for School ECA classes) - we have plenty of classes to choose from during the week so there are alot of options to make up.

Do you do refunds for classes missed?

We don’t offer refunds as we have enough options for make-up classes every week.

Holiday Camps

Do you have Camps? Summer camp? Winter camp? Easter Camp? Chinese New Year Camp?

Yes, we do have camps during holiday periods, please see all the options here :

What do you do at Little Movers Camps?

An explosion of the creative senses! Have your little one join us as we dance, play, and explore our way through the holiday. Every day, we take kids through 2 main movement/creative activities with 2 supporting explorative activities.

Activities Include:

  • Dance

  • Multi sports

  • Indoor games

  • Arts and crafts

  • Stories

  • Free play

  • Sensory activities

What do you do at Move Monkeys Camps?

Move Monkeys  is an awesome kids' camp with a creative movement focus. Think of different dance styles, yoga, acrobatic tricks, and more.

When we're not moving, we don't stop creating - we use creative arts and sensory exploration to keep minds engaged while bodies rest. This camp is all about that creativity!

Activities Include:

  • Dance Classes (Jazz, Hip Hop and/or Ballroom/Latin)

  • Yoga or Stretch Class

  • Arts and crafts

  • Games

Where are your camps?

Sheung Wan - Causeway Bay -  Tseung Kwan O - Tai po:

What are the locations of your camps? Camp addresses?

For locations and exact address, please see here:

Are your camps unaccompanied for little movers?

Our Camps are completely unaccompanied, so if your little mover is not very independent or going to kindergarten for at least half days, perhaps you should book one day and see how they go, if they are brave enough to do camp on their own then we have a Little Mover Camp goer!

Can my 2 year old join camp?

Our Camps are for Little Movers ages 2-5 years old and they are completely unaccompanied, so if your little mover is not very independent or going to kindergarten for at least half days, perhaps you should book one day and see how they go, if they are brave enough to do camp on their own then we have a Little Mover Camp goer!

What do I need to prepare for my child's camp?

A water bottle, snacks for a 15/20 min snack time and clothes that are comfy and that your child can move it and get messy if we do a fun art project.


Do you do parties?

We absolutely do kids' parties; we have lots of different options for kids' parties, including disco parties, dance and paint parties, and fun add-on options like temporary tattoos and face glitter. Check out the options here:

How much do your parties cost?

Party costs are dependent on a few things, what party you choose, how many participants (children) and what add ons you would like, please see the pricing here:

How long does your party entertainment go for?

Party duration can be an hour for a dance party, disco party, dance lesson party, 1.5 hours for a dance and paint party and most add ons like temporary tattoo station or bubbles station please allow for an extra 15/20 mins.

Do you hire out your studio?

Yes we do check out the hiring packages here :

Can I just hire your studio and not have the entertainment?

Yes, you can choose to hire the studio only. Here are the prices

Is the entertainment included in the studio hire?

The Studio Hire and Entertainment are two separate costs, you can chose to just hire or have entertainment for all the kids at the party in a location of our choice.

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