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This is Us

Victoria (Left)

Declan (Middle)

Josh (Right)

Australian-made professional dancers with a passion for educating kids. 

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dance studio hk

Empowering Through Dance

We believe dancing is more than movement to music. It is about looking at other types of intelligence and building people to be more socially self aware, have stronger minds, healthier lifestyles and be more confident to take on life!

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Move For Life Founders

Declan (left), Joshua (centre) and Victoria,  with their team work with schools and youth organisations to promote social / emotional development, creative expression, musical and physical intelligence in children through dancing.

With over 50 years of dance experience between them they have pooled together their years of dancing knowledge to provide a wide variety of dance based courses and workshops for kids of all ages. With over 20 schools now involved with Move For Life programs  they are steadily working towards their goal of getting all children moving!

What is MFL?

We do a lot of really cool stuff with kids, but rather than hunt through the website to find out all the different things we do, we thought, hey let's just do a really cool video that explains it all. So we did! Enjoy!

Our Partners

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