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Class Guide

What classes and how many classes should my child do? 

Little Movers 2-5yrs - 1 class a week of each of their activities is great. This exposes your little one to a range of different activities and helps them become well rounded little people. At Move For Life they could join one Multi-dance class and one Yoga class and be very happy, balanced humans.

Move Monkeys 6-8yrs - 1 to 2 classes per week depending on their goals. If your child loves to dance and move for fitness, fun and spending time with friends then once a week is great. If your child would like to start to properly learn a skill and improve their dance ability, strength and performance quality definitely twice a week. 

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Move Monkeys 9-12yrs - 3 classes per week depending on their goals. At this age children are identifying their true interests. Taking 3 classes per week is essential to developing quality, strength, muscle and cognitive memory. The old saying practice makes perfect became a saying for a reason. Of course 1 class a week is great if we are dancing for fun with friends! 

Move Monkeys Specialty Styles - Ask your child and teacher which style your child likes most and which style they are best in, in order to determine which specialty class is for you! Children are fast learners and even faster when given the time to broaden their learning. Start with one specialty and add more as your child becomes more confident and capable.

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