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Teacher Focus Group

Firstly THANK YOU for even considering to lend your expertise and experience to myself and my team. It's invaluable. 

This is all about our vision to help kids get moving all around the world, by creating decent teacher approved online dance content (videos that are free) and engage students so that dancing is accessible anywhere in the world at any time to anyone. 

Dancing was my saviour when I was a kid and I think it's my mission to give it back to kids that might need it. 

So 2 things, the first is a form / question sheet, not long and just to get your ideas, It is just below.


And the second is very quick a chat on zoom or google meet even to discuss your comments / ideas and just to clarify and make sure we don't interpret info incorrectly and or just expand on ideas. 

If you are time poor, please don't feel obligated, just helping with the questionnaire is amazing!

If you are in Hong Kong and want to be part of a focus group with drinks please let me know on the form, love connecting with teachers here in Hong Kong. 

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