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Easy As ECAs: A Guide to Finding the Best After-School Activities for Your Child

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In today's fast-paced world, after-school activities are essential to a child's overall development. From sports to dance classes, there are numerous options available for parents to choose from. However, it's essential to strike the right balance and avoid overwhelming kids with too many activities.

Research conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) suggests that several parents in Hong Kong believe that their children should "win" at all times, with 54% of the respondents thinking that children's interests must be developed as early as kindergarten. Because of this, parents tend to get stressed out when balancing their children's school and extracurricular activities.

The researchers emphasised that participation in sports, music, art, and drama plays an essential role in a child's growth. However, with some children having a tight class schedule, even during the weekends, it could be dizzying to juggle this with more after-school activities.

How many after-school activities should my child take?

There is no specific number of extracurricular activities needed by a kindergartner. The amount solely depends on your child's interests and schedule, which could overwhelm parents who want their kids to be ahead in their after-school activities.

Katrina Rozga, director of therapy and counselling at Jadis Blurton Family Development Centre, suggests that younger children should not be overscheduled. Parents should instead focus on finding activities that align with their child's interests and passions.

Rozga says that giving kids time to be kids is crucial. Sometimes, parents prioritise activities over sleep, but insufficient rest or a lack of unstructured time for play can cause more problems. In short, stressing your child out is counterproductive and can harm their overall well-being.

What after-school activities should my child do?

It is best to work with your child to know which activities they are interested in. Whether it's an art or a dance class, getting them involved in deciding which after-school activities they prefer can be very beneficial for their development.

Figuring out your child's interests can be quite tricky, especially when they are still young, which is why it is best to let them try out various activities until they figure out which one sparks their interest.

According to Rozga, art activities are the perfect way to go, as younger children enjoy exploring their creativity at this age. Similarly, sports are also a good option for young children as engaging in team sports teaches them the essence of teamwork and cooperation; it is essential to work with others to achieve a shared goal and share and appreciate the success of others.

Moreover, engaging in sports also helps children develop resilience by learning to overcome failure, which is a lesser-taught skill as parents usually aim to protect their children from it. Rozga asserted the importance of physical exercise for young children and suggested enroling them in a regular sport to meet the goal of an hour of exercise per day to promote daily healthy habits.

Another great way of promoting physical exercise is by enroling them in a kids' dance class. Dance classes, in particular, are a fantastic way to improve coordination, boost self-confidence, and encourage creativity while allowing them to have fun with their peers. There's a dance class from ballet to hip hop to suit every little kid's interests.

However, it is crucial to remember that you should never force your child to participate in activities they dislike. When there is pressure, such activities can have a negative impact and become counterproductive, according to Rozga.

Are after-school activities more important than academics?

Experts suggest that engaging in too many after-school activities can often interfere with a child's life, which may cause stress and burnout in the long run. While extracurricular activities can help develop specific skills and interests, they do not guarantee success in the future.

In today's fast-paced world, it is easy for parents to get caught up in the rat race of extracurricular activities. However, taking a step back and considering the long-term impact on your child's well-being and educational journey is essential. By focusing on a well-rounded education, children can have the opportunity to learn and grow in a fulfilling environment.

In conclusion, the key to a successful education for children is to strike a balance between academics and after-school activities. Parents should prioritise their children's well-being and focus on providing them with a comprehensive education that helps them succeed in the future and allows them to enjoy their childhood simultaneously.

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