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Unleash Your Inner Superstar

At Move For Life, we empower your kids through dance.

Let your child embrace the rhythm of their confidence through our empowering dance lessons!

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Our classes will build your child's confidence, strength, and determination while they master dance skills, techniques, and choreography.

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Not only will your child learn, but they will also have fun playing exciting games
with their friends!

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Life Skills

Through our multi-dance classes, your little superstar will also learn how to be more mindful of their manners.

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Each term we offer performance opportunities in epic locations including AIA Carnival, Disneyland and Ocean Park!

Experience the Magic of Dance:

What are we offering here

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Join Our Dance Journey

Make friends, have fun, and improve your dance skills with us!


Holiday Camps

Ready to jingle bell rock? Our seasonal Creative Dance Camps are the perfect stage for your rising stars to shine, twirl, and have a blast on the holidays!


Dance Classes

Build your child's confidence, strength, and determination while they master dance skills, tricks and choreography!


Holiday Camps

Think disco lights, killer tunes, endless bubbles, dress ups, dance props, games, dance routines and much more!

Over 1000 kids empowered each month,
don't let your child miss out!

Experience the Magic of Dance:

What do People Think?

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"My son and his friends loved their weekly Move for Life classes. Josh was so patient and enthusiastic every lesson and the kids all had so much fun. I think the Mum’s also enjoyed joining in- Agadoo is a firm favourite in our household now!"

Katie Etchells-Bailey

Our Empowered Founder

Joshua Keefe

Josh's dance journey started when he was still in primary school. From the get-go, Josh was completely smitten. At first, his moves were a bit funky, but his love for dance was undeniable. With time, grit, and a whole lot of heart, Josh grooved his way from a dance novice to a rhythm guru!



Champion - Australian Under 16
Finalist - Youth British Open (Under 21's)

Ready to start your journey to the magical world of dance? Get your FREE trial today!

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