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The Team

Our awesome people are here to help your awesome little people grow

Our staff come from various backgrounds in dance and performance. We are geographically diverse and celebrate our differences with each person shining in their own unique way - adding something special to the Move For Life family. Our team is curated based on each individuals ability to connect with kids, with passion for shaping their outlook on how great they can be. 

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Our Story

We love what art and self-expression through performance can do to the mindset of a child. Not just finding more confidence in yourself but learning how to take time at mastering skills, allowing yourself to fail, getting back up and being a team player with your peers. 

The team you see below all have the same ideology and desire to help the next generations find their way through dancing and movement. We have taken the time to all share our ideas and experiences over the years to ensure that what we do in our classes is holistic and constantly adapting, in turn improving the environments we work in. 

We are reliable, we are passionate and we care about your kids. 

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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