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Enroll in 2 dance classes for a 20% discount or choose 3 classes for an even bigger 30% off!


Which class stage is a right fit for your child?

Little Movers are our 1 to 5-year-old children who have big ambitions. 

Little Movers consists of three separate class categories that help them grow and prepare for the Move Monkeys program. It's essential to remember that children in this age group learn at their own pace.



At different stages of their development, students have opportunities to be leaders or followers, depending on their own growth journey. We embrace this individuality, as it's common for students to be grouped within a single year of birth in most classrooms.

While we have age suggestions, we're flexible to meet each child's needs.


Move Monkeys are our children aged 6 and older who have a passion for moving, performing, and learning!

Throughout their development, students have the opportunity to take on different roles as leaders and followers, depending on where they are in their own journey. This individuality is something we celebrate, as most classrooms group students by birth year.


Our classes are designed to create a solid foundation in dance and movement, all in a fun and supportive environment. Plus, there are plenty of chances to perform! To make the most of your Move Monkeys experience, we recommend enrolling in 2 to 3 classes per week. 

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