Hey Movers


We have unfortunately come to a road block due to Covid-19 and last years protests in Hong Kong. As a company that relies on School, recreational centres, and dance studios we have been unable to work this year and just over a month of last year with all the disruption.


We are now entering the 5th month of little to no income for our small company, and are working on no salaries for the last 2 months.


If you are enjoying any of our free content at the moment then we are super happy! Don’t worry they are staying free! Our aim was to help out teachers, parents and students during this very trying period and take them away from any struggles that may have come up.


If you would like to donate to help us out we would really appreciate it of course there is no obligation. We hope to be able to last through the next few months and hopefully things will return to normal.


Thanks in advance,


Josh, Dec, Vic.

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