Kids Dance Classes

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Are you searching for 

dance classes for toddlers near me


Well we are near you and  we have great dance classes!

Our Little Movers classes are for kiddies aged 2-5 years old!

These classes focus on the building blocks of all movement rather than a specific style. We believe in arming students with a control and understanding of the body so they can tackle any kind of movement.


We stretch, we tackle skills and techniques to build coordination, we use fun props, we introduce dance choreography ranging from jazz to hip hop pop to latin and ballroom and we play the best games. 

Each term every student receives a term video for parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles to see just how amazing they are as well as a certificate. 

Kids Zumba

Our Dance Monkeys classes are for kiddies aged 6-12 years old! 

These classes are scaled for different age groups. In these classes we focus on jazz and hip hop to further develop coordination, balance and overall body control. Every term students are introduced to a latin and/or ballroom dance to give them a taste of more niche styles of dance as well as encourage social and emotional development by working in pairs or in a team.


We stretch to increase range, we tackle skills and techniques to build coordination in order to have choices with how we move, we tackle fun and challenging dance choreography ranging from jazz to hip hop to latin and ballroom and we organise the best performance opportunities to build confidence and performative skill.

Each term we offer performance opportunities in epic locations including AIA Carnival, Disneyland and Ocean Park!

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DAnce for Schools

Working in schools and helping students and staff develop is our first love! 

Get our program today! 

Specially curated dance curriculums to enhance your P.E and arts programs. Developed to be simple for teachers with full support for maximum student benefit.

Have our staff come to your school and deliver workshops that will enrich your curriculum and empower your students socially, emotionally and physically. 

Need a dance after school activity to enrich your schools offerings? 

Dance Monkeys Senior Crew (Rec. 9-12yrs)

Dance Monkeys Junior Crew (Rec. 5-8yrs)

Little Movers (Rec. Under 5's)


A xmas with Move For Life is an xmas to remember.

Join us for our seasonal Creative Dance Camps that your SUPERSTAR will absolutely LOVE!

With 3 types of camps we have just the thing to keep your child moving, expressing and creating during their school break. 

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2-5yrs - Camp

Kids Parties

Set your kids party on fire with a Move For Life Dance Party!

Make your child feel like a superstar with their very own disco birthday party.

Think disco lights, killer tunes, endless bubbles, dress ups, dance props, games, dance routines and much more!

Book a party for your child NOW!



Victoria (Left)

Declan (Middle)

Josh (Right)

Australian-made professional dancers with a passion for educating kids. 

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Our Performances

Every year we give our students the opportunity to participate in multiple major performances. Our headliners include Disneyland, AIA Carnival and Ocean Park.